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I hate it when I don’t have time to blog. I’d like if I could tell you what I’ve been doing, but let’s leave it at this: I am enjoying my vacation, away from my office, my job, my projects, my customers, my partners, and obviously – my blog. You should take a vacation, too – great stuff!

Another thing I hate is to start anything with “I hate”. So, let’s switch the tone.

I love undocumented features. They afford you some brag time with your friends and colleagues. I’ve just found about a great undocumented feature in Microsoft Dynamics NAV: import objects from a .FBK backup (found on Plataan Knowledge Blog). If you just need the objects, there is no need to restore the whole database. Nice one!

(I already see myself using this – after the vacation, of course…)


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  1. Tomas

    This is extremely useful, when you get errors when restoring and restore stops. Sometimes, importing fbk first, and then restoring – solves these issues.

  2. Vjeko

    Tomas: Yes, that’s true. I think it could also help with FDB backups of SQL Databases with linked views – these are a bitch if you want to restore them at another server. You could first import objects from FDB (all but linked object tables), then create the linked views, then import the linked views, then restore data. Didn’t try it yet, but I believe this can work.

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