AL Object ID Ninja logical ranges overview

Long time no see, eh? 😳 I won’t offer no excuses, but I have been plenty busy with things that you’ll benefit in some way or another, far more than you’d benefit from me writing here. So, let’s jump straight into it.

First things first. I just can’t express my gratitude to all of you who use it every day. Just a few numbers for you to feel the scale of it. At the moment of writing this post, there have been:

  • 17.382 installs
  • 5.369 repositories managed by Ninja
  • More than 3.500 users actively use Ninja every day
  • More than 4.700 users actively use Ninja every week
  • More than 3.300 repositories being worked in every day.

This is huge. Thank you all for finding Ninja an obviously indispensable tool to manage your object ID assignments.

Now back to the point of this post. This week there have been a couple of releases, and one of the most important new features is logical ranges. That’s the feature that allows you to assign object IDs from ranges that do not necessarily match those in your app.json file. There are several use cases for this, and the feature is quite flexible.

Today, I did another live session where I presented this feature. If you want to learn about how it works and what good it is for, check it out:

That’s it. Thanks for using Ninja, and I am looking forward to hearing your feedback.

What’s the next feature you’d like Ninja to include?


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  1. Guðrún Leósdóttir

    Hi Vjeko.
    I’m trying to reach out to you to be able to register one of the LS Retail apps. It looks like a member of my team was doing some experiments ending up in having the app registered but lost the key. How can we fix this?

    my best regards,
    Guðrún Leósdóttir

    1. Vjeko

      Hi Guðrún,

      Sure, I’ll gladly help. First – try to check internally who did this, and ask that person to check their local branches. Ninja always commits the key to a branch, just to avoid issues like this (lost key), so in most likelihood, if this was done recently, the key is still there. If this was done long ago and nobody remembers anymore (or it was done very early into Ninja’s history when Ninja didn’t use Git), then just send me the app ID from app.json for the app you have problems with, and I’ll reset the authorization for you.


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