Passing JSON from JavaScript to C/AL

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Yesterday, I said I was closing this year of blogging, but I wasn’t really. Closing a year with 39 posts, and leaving a question lingering, wouldn’t be too fair, would it? If you read my last postabout how to pass objects from C/AL to JavaScript, you must have wondered if it’s possible to also pass objects from JavaScript back to C/AL.

Wonder no more. It is. And here’s how.


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Passing strongly typed data to a JavaScript control add-in

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Many cool things often go undocumented. I’ve just stumbled upon one of those, and it comes in handy to close this year of blogging.

Imagine this situation: you have a server-side .NET object, that you want to pass on to the client. With the .NET System.Windows.Forms-based objects, you have to make the object serializable, deploy the object to the client-side Add-in folder, and then set the RunOnClient property on the C/AL variable to Yes.

However, if the client is not .NET-based, if it is a cross-client JavaScript-based one. You may think that it’s not possible to pass the custom object on to JavaScript code. And you may be wrong.


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Goodies from the Control Add-ins session at NAV TechDays 2014

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First of all, thank you all who attended my session today. It was a lot of people in the room, and with the competition from Microsoft talking about a very hot topic in the other, bigger room, I really wouldn’t expect to see all of you there. I hope you found the things you saw useful, and that you’ll take advantage of all the free stuff that I am posting today here on


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