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Welcome to my blog! My name is Vjekoslav Babić, I am a Microsoft Dynamics NAV consultant and this blog is a place where I share my thoughts, ideas, solutions, explanations, all kinds of things that cross my mind, and have something to do with an ERP system called Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Looking for information about Microsoft Dynamics NAV may be tougher than you might guess at first. That’s what I learned myself when I first started learning about it back in 2002. Other than some general information about it being a business management application, or an Enterprise Resource Planning system, I couldn’t really find anything useful. Things have changed a little bit, but still, answering the question of What Microsoft Dynamics NAV truly is? reminds me of the question Apart from the sanitation, medicine, education, wine, public order, irrigation, roads, the fresh water system and public health, what have the Romans ever done for us? from Monty Python’s legendary Life of Brian. While you might find a lot of generic info about what kind of features it packs together and what general functionality it contains, finding something really useful, something that will make you decide for it over fierce competition, something that really matters to you or your business, might be difficult.

Then you may look at it from a completely different perspective. You are a consultant, or a developer, working with the system on daily basis, pulling plugs and pushing switches, diving down deep into code to achieve what no man has achieved before, only to face questions with seemingly no answers. Documentation explains only as much as development team felt was necessary, product web site mostly deals with marketing the product. However, this information alone won’t bring a single implementation project to a successful conclusion. What makes a difference is experience, and experience is hard to find in written form. The mission of this blog is to provide some of it, a bit of it that grew with me, on my projects, with my customers, in real life.

There is another reason I started this little project of mine. It’s called simplicity. You might notice that there is a lot of explanations of elementary stuff related to accounting, business, ERP systems in general, development, technology, etc. These are here to help all those people starting to learn about these concepts, and finding simple explanations out there might sometimes be a tough job. What I truly hope this blog will become is a collection of simple explanations of most concepts people get in touch when working with ERP systems.

I am not one of those people having worked with NAV since Pleistocene, and I am definitely not the biggest authority out there, not even remotely close to it by any means. My experience with NAV is relatively short-termed, going back less than five years, so I am still learning, and I hope this process never ends. And in this process I also hope I give you something to get away, something you didn’t know before, or some new insight or perspective of the things you did know.

My life didn’t start with NAV. Before I started working with it, I was a developer, a web developer, a systems administrator, a database administrator, a trainer, and an entrepreneur. One of most notable projects that I don’t consider relevant any more, because it has nothing to do with NAV, was for UNAIDS, the UN agency for fighting AIDS globally. I was lead architect and developer on project of E-Workspaces, which is still very much alive. Other than that, most of my projects are local and if I listed them here, they wouldn’t do any difference, because most of you would just go huh? What would make sense the least would be naming twenty or so web sites that I brought to life with two of my friends, when we started our own part-time business without a penny in our pockets, in mid nineties, the time when mentioning word Internet in Croatia was most likely to provoke a follow up question of can I eat it? Too bad real companies were paying better money for my services, so I decided to follow the opportunities.

Today, I am running my own company specializing in providing customers and partners with expert services around Microsoft Dynamics NAV, mostly around web services integration, .NET interoperability, performance, scalability, and quality assurance. I started this blog out of my enthusiasm to evangelize the value and the potential of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, and I wish you a pleasant stay!

See you around!