ERP and Business Processes: a new book

imageThere is a new book available about ERP business practices. It is titled “ERP and business processes” and is written by Hans van der Hoeven, MSc, a senior lecturer in ERP, Business Management and Accounting at Avans University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands.

The book is targeted primarily at business and management students and managers running ERP projects, and explains what ERP business processes are about, rather than focusing on technical issues or specific products.

This book gives an introduction in ERP and Business Management, that focuses on ERP and business processes, rather than on the buttons, is very needed for students of all kinds of business educations and also for managers who want to understand the meaning of ERP for their company.

  • The book focuses on business processes, rather than addressing the buttons you must use in the ERP-software. To keep it practical, all illustrations and examples are dedicated to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009. It’s not a manual, nor a training in using parts of Dynamics NAV 2009.
  • The book has been written from starting level on this subject, it’s an introductory book.
  • It will not cover any software, but uses Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 throughout the book as illustrating ERP system.
  • The book discusses the business processes a company has to use in order to run the SMB company professionally.

If you are unsure whether the book is for you, you can download a sample chapter and check it for yourself. From what I know about the author, and from what I’ve read in the sample chapter, I can only recommend it.

Click here (or here) to learn more about the book. At least make a look!


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