NAV Decisions 2009 is over, but not quite

NAV Decisions 2009

Did you have a chance to attend the NAV Decisions 2009 virtual conference? If yes, how did you like the event? To me, this was a great experience. It wasn’t the first virtual conference I was a part of, but it most certainly was the best.

But if you didn’t have a chance or time to be there (virtually), you don’t have to worry. Even though the conference is over, the website and all the content will be available for three more months. So, until midnight of January 15, 2010, you can still visit the conference website, register and watch and listen to any of the presentations delivered.

Of course, after-the-event attendance does not feel nearly as great as on-line live attendance, simply because during the event you had a chance to ask questions, participate in chats and interact with exhibitors, moderators, speakers or other attendees. But at least you have a chance to see the presentations.

My presentation titled “Sure Step Methodology in Agile Environment: Delivering More ERP Value in Less Time” was one of the four general sessions, and it discussed the topic I introduced on this blog half a year ago.

When I started writing about this topic I didn’t expect it to get half the attention or heat it did, and I am really proud that it became a sort of a trend-setting topic here. It was repeated time after time on other Dynamics or ERP blogs, it caught the attention of people at who wanted it a part of their NAV Decisions 2009 conference.

There were slight technical issues that made the presentation a bit longer than expected and Q&A session a little shorter, but there was no shortage of quality questions, and some of them were really intriguing.

I’m sorry I didn’t have time to answer all the questions, but if you were there, and asked a question which I didn’t answer, just get in touch with me through this blog and let’s discuss. That’s the beauty of virtual events, because they are all on-line, even when they are over, they’re not quite so.


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  1. Renata

    Hi Vjekoslav

    Thank you for the great presentation at NAV Decisions 2009 conference.

    I’ve been following your blog for a while and it’s very inspiring to read your posts.

    Best regards

    1. Vjekoslav Babic

      @Renata: thanks for your kind words! I’m really happy that you found the presentation useful, and I’m looking forward to seeing you here more… as much as I’m looking forward to finally start writing more… 🙁

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