Microsoft Dynamics Mayhem

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If you thought “here he comes again” with the bugs and stuff, no – this is not about it. This is just about a new sales campaign launched by PACKT…

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Decisions Spring 2011 – don’t miss it!

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The countdown has started–it’s less than a month left to Decisions Spring 2011, the fourth virtual conference by It’s again delivered from the comfort of your desktop, and you…

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Was it necessary to kill the Classic client?

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The world needs to move ahead. The technology advances. Who doesn’t want to keep up with the progress, stays behind. That’s how it has worked since the dawn of civilization.

I can’t know the exact reasons why Microsoft has decided to stop support for the Classic client with NAV “7”, but I can offer my view and position on why I believe this was absolutely necessary.


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Adriatics Community Launched

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Thanks you all, who participated in yesterday’s Microsoft Dynamics Community Adriatics launch event in Zagreb. I’m sorry that Live Meeting equipment could not be set-up in the Microsoft’s big conference room, but I was promised that in the future maybe something could be done. I hope it doesn’t mean moving to a smaller room where the equipment is already installed, because I prefer more in-person audience. In any case, I would like repeating this launch in the region, and I’ll use this blog to let you know about it.

In my opinion, the launch was a success, there were more participants than I expected, and definitely more than registered.

[Post was updated on October 8th, to include more links and downloads]


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Two more Microsoft Dynamics NAV books

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As reported by Marq, two more Microsoft Dynamics NAV books have been published by PACKT this week: Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 SP1 Programming Cookbook by Matt Traxinger and Microsoft Dynamics…

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