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Finally. Not quite, but still – finally! We finally get the first public glimpse of future of AL code writing, courtesy of Microsoft Dynamics NAV development team.

As you might know, Microsoft is working around the clock to enable new kind of programming for NAV: using Visual Studio Code instead of Microsoft Dynamics NAV Development Environment. They announced it with due fanfare at Directions US, Directions EMEA, and NAV TechDays, and now the NAV community is biting their fingernails off waiting for Microsoft to actually release the thing.

They said some kind of preview will be made somewhat available sometime in December this year, but for now we have got the first glimpse of the new AL syntax.


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Convergence EMEA: So long, and thanks for all the fish

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Microsoft Dynamics Convergence All good things come to an end, and that’s exactly what seems to have happened with Convergence EMEA, the key Microsoft Dynamics conference in Europe. The news has hit hard with me; I’ve only attended it once, and now that it was to come so close to my hometown, it’s been cancelled.


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