Searching the unsearchable, episode 2

True, there was no episode 1, not on this blog. But if Star Wars can start with episode 4, I don’t see why can’t I start with episode 2. Especially when Waldo has already written episode 1.

So yes – apparently, up until a few minutes ago – with the new theme my blog has been sporting for a while, it was impossible to search my blog. Somehow, for some reason, the theme I applied didn’t expose the search button in the header, as most modern themes do, and I didn’t notice.

But Twitter did notice.

And then Waldo fixed it:

Well, in any case, it’s there now. Not really in the most prominent place (it’s right in the footer, just scroll down) but for now, take it as is. When I have more time to work on my blog and blog about serious things, I may move this search feature around a bit.

Until then – enjoy searching my blog 😄

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