Long time, no see

Time flies, eh? It seems you folks have been busier here on my blog than I was. Four months whooshed by since I last posted something here, and I have been so busy that it seems like a week.

Today I decided to use my last hours in Phoenix, Arizona, after a successful Directions US and before my flight back home to Croatia, to post my impressions of the conference together with the content from my session, but then I realized I had quite some work to do to approve and reply on comments.

So, that’s what I am up to now. Thank you all who commented and patiently waited for me to turn up here to do what bloggers should do regularly. I am sorry, I’ll try to not make it happen again.

And then, when I am done, I’ll post the stuff I promised to post, so – stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “Long time, no see”

    1. Hi John, thanks for comments and all. I’ll try to put the code on GitHub, but is it really so important? I mean – it’s only NAV code that I have, and it’s only demos, so I won’t maintain it. It’s as good in the ZIP as it is in GitHub. But if it makes a big difference for you guys, I’ll do it.

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