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Directions EMEA 2015 Session Content

For me, Mannheim was always a yet another German city, one that beyond its name I knew nothing else about. When it was announced that Directions EMEA 2015 would be in Mannheim, my first reaction was “say what?” And yet, just as last year in Poznan, I was pleasantly surprised, and realized that every place has something to show, spirit to share, and energy to bring.

There are very few conferences that matter to me. One of them is Directions EMEA, and this year it’s the fourth time that I got a chance to speak and share my ideas and hacks with the community. As promised, and in line with my never-broken tradition, I’m publishing all my content on my blog for you to download.

Here you can download:

Also in line with my tradition, I’m providing this as-is, with no explanations – you are free to use, abuse, make money from, or whatever else with this content. I might get time to blog more about specific points in the future, but for now this is what it is, raw bytes, unmodified from what I delivered in front of everybody sitting in Arnold Shöneberg room at Dorint Kongresshotel Mannheim.

See you all next year in Prague, and hopefully – in the meantime – here on


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