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imageThe summer was hot in this part of the world, and Stratus only helped keep the heat up. We were not only snorkeling through the summer, we did a lot of work to keep up with our goal of going live in September, and we are still on track. So far so good.

Over the past two months, we have done the following:

  • Signed up 100+ companies for test drive
  • Reached 60+ countries
  • Signed a series of contracts with partner companies, including NDAs, MOUs and final agreements
  • Started several pilots with telecoms in Europe and Latin America
  • Demoed Stratus at a number of events, in Europe, United States and New Zealand

Technically, we have achieved some significant advancements:

  • We have a functional native Windows Phone 7 and iPhone applications
  • Our native iPhone application will soon be available in App Store
  • Native iPad, Android and Blackberry applications are in design and we aim at releasing them by the end of 2011
  • We are close to completing our provisioning interface
  • We have almost completed our setup wizard
  • We have feature-completed our cloud offering for SMEs in Croatia
  • We have a number of new features which I’d prefer keeping secret for final announcement Winking smile

Last, but not least:

  • We have grown our team by four full-time employees: Hrvoje, Damir, Marijan and Jasna.
  • We opened two offices in Croatia

That’s a lot of work for a summer, but stay tuned for a lot more next month, when we announce the RTM. I can’t wait.

P.S. Yeah, I know – the screenshots above are not large enough, so here’s a couple of nicer ones for you to enjoy while waiting for the real thing:



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  1. Mark Anley

    This software certainly looks promising. We are looking to move away from our current PPC integration with NAV and move into a more sustainable platfrom (Andriod, iOS, etc).

    Is this software only compatible with newer versions of NAV by exposing the service tier? As for us, a local database is almost a must as many of the areas we do buisness in have little to no connectivity. This is somethign we always struggle with as it does limit our options.

    Any additional details would be appreciated. Many thanks,

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