Extending NAV through .NET Interoperability

imageYesterday I’ve presented in Dynamics Brown Bag Sessions series of webcasts, organized by Microsoft CEE. The topic this time was “Extending NAV through .NET interoperability”, and the session was again attended by many partner companies around the region.

For your convenience, if you haven’t been able to attend the presentation, the whole session has been recorded (it lasts just under 2 hours), and I’ve uploaded it here. You can access the session recording (RAR compressed), and the presentation deck.

As promised, I’m also providing the full source code and setup instructions for the .NET interop demo of intercompany postings, and you can download it here.

For those of you who didn’t have a chance to attend the presentation, the intercompany posting demo is a nice walkthrough of how to consume NAV web services through .NET interop. The demo shows how to call NAV web service to populate a lookup page with data from another database, and how to create and post documents in another database.

I would also like to say a big thank you again to Almut Tadsen, Microsoft Dynamics Evangelist at Microsoft and the organizer of the Brown Bag Session series for giving me this opportunity. I’m looking forward to participating in this initiative again.

If you were there yesterday or have downloaded and watched the webcast offline, why don’t you spare a minute of your time to leave a comment. Did you like the presentation? Was it helpful? Let us all know…

13 thoughts on “Extending NAV through .NET Interoperability”

  1. HI Vjekoslav,

    I downloaded the Interop rcoridng but having issues while unzipping the file. I am getting a corrupted zip file error.


  2. Hi Vjekoslav,
    Please check the link to the recording. I’m getting a damaged file of only 4Mb which I can unpack.
    Presentation looks prommising, so I can’t wait to see the recording 🙂
    Best regards, Marcel

  3. Nice Blog, I am currently working with a website that deals with Microsoft Dynamics Navision Jobs its you may find it useful. Keep up the good work. It’s a great blog for anyone within Microsoft Dynamics Nav.
    P.S this website is loads better than your old blogspot on.

      1. A small update – the file is re-uploaded, and it should work now. Clear your browser caches, and re-download it. It should be around 50 MB in size, so if it is 4.1 MB, then you are still pulling it from your local cache.

  4. Hi Vjekoslav
    Great post! it’s pure MVP spirit! (I’m also MVP in Windows Phone)
    A couple of questions:
    Is the item object (of the NAVItem Web service) is an inventory item (I men, the physical item in stock)?
    Does NAV support geolocation information at inventory items level?

    Thank you so much,

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