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image “Perfect is the enemy of good”, a smart person said once. Another one said: “If it works, don’t mess with it.”

So, I messed with it. I was trying to make it perfect.

Over past couple of weeks, you might have experienced downtimes, or even errors such as 403 Access Forbidden or similar here on my blog. The reason is—I was trying to make it perfect, and now I see that good might have been good enough.

As a part of my blog reviving efforts, I’ve tried improving the performance. The blog was awfully slow, so I offloaded the static content to CDN and installed the W3 Total Cache plugin to help me improve my speed. Which it did. For a while.

Then it started behaving funny, and was intermittently and unpredictably throwing errors at my visitors, for which I sincerely apologize. You don’t deserve to be thrown errors at. Honestly.

So, I’ve switched the page caching off for the time being, while I try to sort it out. In the meanwhile, I ask my fellow bloggers, if you are using WordPress and W3 Total Cache, and have experienced something similar—please help.


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  1. Marin Frankovic

    Have you tried WP Super Cache plugin? I have ben using it and it works great.

    1. Vjekoslav Babic

      @Marin: WP Super Cache doesn’t seem to integrate with CDN, namely MaxCDN, which I am using for static content delivery. This is one of the reasons why I picked W3 Total Cache.

    2. Vjekoslav Babic

      @Marin: on another thought, when I get crazy enough, maybe I put both of these plugins to work together 🙂 Total Cache can handle my CDN, and Super Cache all the rest… 😀

  2. Sinisa

    Looks like you need a test environment my Friend.

    1. Vjekoslav Babic

      @Sinisa: there is one, yes, but it’s the same build as development, so for the sake of the shortness of the story, I left it out of the fabula. Yep, I know, the test should be equal to production, but for this specific project, where NAV is in production and has a smaller maintenance going on constantly, and a huge development being done in parallel, it makes more sense to have test equal to development. We could use a staging environment, though 🙂

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