2008 in retrospect

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image I’ll end this year with a look back at this blog. Year 2008 has seen many trends on this blog—I was literally exploring the world of blogging. I had no focus in the beginning, but towards the end of this year you might have noticed a shift towards the world of Sure Step, methodology in general and topics of the sort. The trends I noticed have largely influenced this blog’s shape, and have definitely defined its future direction.

Let me share some statistics:

  • There were 22,303 visits.
  • People came here from 42 countries.
  • The most visited page was Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step 2.0 with 2,018 on-site views. The second most visited was Elementary costing 3: FIFO, LIFO, UFO… with 1,410 on-site views.
  • The most people came here from Plataan, who referred 197 visitors to this blog. The second largest referrer was MSDynamicsWorld.com who sent 138 visitors here.
  • The most clicked link on this blog was Sure Step landing page on PartnerSource, with 655 clicks. The second most clicked link was the homepage of Dave’s and my book on PACKT’s website, with 205 clicks. Thank you!
  • The most searched topic on search engines was Sure Step with variations of Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step search terms bringing 525 unique visitors to this blog. The second most searched topic was costing, with 147 unique visits being googled or lived forward to this blog.

Obviously, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that majority of you were here for Sure Step. Most people came here searching for Sure Step, then moved on to read more about Sure Step here on this blog, then moved on to PartnerSource, probably to download Sure Step. When I first noticed this trend sometime in July, I decided to focus on it. Back then, I got a hint from a member of Sure Step team that this blog landed on page 3 of Google when searched for “sure step”. That was it – I decided to get on page 1, and you made it happen.

The kind of interest that Sure Step aroused, practically all of a sudden, was fascinating. I believed in Sure Step, or in methodical approach to anything for that matter, long before I started blogging about it, but this trend I started to notice—people coming here wanting to learn about Sure Step—reassured me that Sure Step was truly the right thing, worth my time and effort, so I decided to evangelize it vigorously. If I hadn’t registered the NavigateIntoSuccess.com domain name already, I’d probably go for something with Sure Step in it (and risk being sued for copyright infringement :-))

But it’s not only about Sure Step. What I learned from you in 2008 is that people want to read about project related issues, business related issues, non-technical stuff in general. In the beginning I was blogging about technology, then I decided to abandon it and scrap half of my posting queue: there are so many NAV blogs that cover the technology. Instead, I decided to cover ERP topics, business processes, consulting, methodology, project management and similar stuff—that part of NAV which I didn’t see blogged about too much. You made me do so (or so I believe), and please tell me I wasn’t wrong at that.

That’s it. Year 2008 is (almost) over. Tomorrow a new year starts, and with it, I believe, comes a new beginning for this blog. To start with, I’ll let you shape it: there is a poll in the sidebar – please use it and tell me what you want to read about in 2009. It only takes a click.

Happy New Year!


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