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Last week, my friend Dave Roys a.k.a. Gaspode has been awarded the prestigious MVP award. MVP stands for Most Valuable Professional, and Microsoft grants this award to distinguished professionals as recognition to their invaluable contribution to Microsoft community.

MVP award is not something an average John Doe can achieve–you need to work out a lot of sweat and make contribution that really matters. There is no recipe to complete, or requirements you must meet, you simply have to stand out so much to be noticed and recognized by the community as a trusted expert, and there is only a limited number of new MVP’s each year. For Microsoft Dynamics NAV, there is a total of 19 MVP’s worldwide.

This award couldn’t have come at a better time to better hands, than exactly now, and to Dave, who has done a great job maintaining his blog, and contributing with comments and articles to other blogs and sites about Microsoft Dynamics NAV. He has done much more, but I better keep my mouth shut. You’ll find out when the time comes.

Dave, congratulations! You earned this!

P.S. You can read Dave’s MVP profile here.


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    Good fellows! They have deserved this compensation!

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