A new job board at MSDynamicsWorld.com

Have you considered a career in Microsoft Dynamics? Yes, I know, many of you have are most likely already happily employed by a Microsoft partner company specializing in Microsoft Dynamics solutions. Good.

On the other hand, there is probably plenty of you out there considering starting a career, but locating highly specific jobs in Microsoft Dynamics posted at general purpose job boards can be difficult. How many Microsoft Dynamics NAV positions are posted on Monster.com? Really, how many? How many of these are relevant? Yes, these positions have something to do with NAV, but if you are looking a job as a Microsoft Dynamics NAV consultant, much of what you can find there is noise, such as all those accounting positions looking for experience in using Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Meh!

The truth is, specialized job boards have always been better of landing a perfect job opportunity to you. Just recently MSDynamicsWorld.com has started a new specialized job board for relevant Microsoft Dynamics positions. Go check it here: MSDynamicsWorld.com Job Board.

Okay, they have just started, so at the time of writing this post there are not that many openings posted, but I believe they will grow pretty soon. If for nothing, for one great feature that I don’t remember seeing anywhere: RSS subscription! Yes, you can subscribe to your filtered seach using RSS and get relevant job postings right into your favorite reader. Other job boards typically send you mail, and in the era of spam ubiquity, RSS does a far better job at getting through to you. A splendid idea, and a real move ahead of mediocrity so common nowadays.

It is not the only specialized Microsoft Dynamics job board out there, but they are new, and they deserve some attention and traffic to get growing. Do them a favor, and check it out.


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