Look and feel update

I decided to upgrade the look and feel of this blog, so I start with the new header picture. I am not a designer, and I don’t have a clue about why graphics are good or bad, I just have a gut feeling which tells me what is nice, and what is not. This one looks nicer to me, and leaves some room at the bottom to implement page navigation later on. If you think the old one was better, please let me know, I value your opinion as much as my own 🙂

This is just a first step in facelifting this blog with new look and feel, new navigation, new information, etc. As most of other things here, neither will this come all at once, but please be patient, and stop by frequently.

And last but not least, thank you all for making this blog alive, for reading it, commenting on it, giving suggestions and opinions. I’ve never thought this blog would live long enough to see this kind of traffic and interest, so this blog is what it is as much because of you, as it is because of me!


Vjeko has been writing code for living since 1995, and he has shared his knowledge and experience in presentations, articles, blogs, and elsewhere since 2002. Hopelessly curious, passionate about technology, avid language learner no matter human or computer.

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  1. Ian

    Looking good. Look forward to the coming changes.

    Lots planned for my NAV blog too. Going to be moving to a WordPress back end soon and splitting it off from my other ‘personal’ blog onto it’s own domain.

    Like you say though, these things don’t happen overnight 🙂

    Keep up the good work – but stop posting so much… ..you’re putting me to shame

  2. Dave Roys

    I agree with Ian. Slow down man. You’re a blogging machine! 😉

    I like the new look. I wonder if you can fix the rounded corners at the top? That’s gonna bug you now isn’t it?

  3. Vjeko

    Thanks for comments, guys!

    Dave: As the matter of fact, it did bug me, and it drove me nuts. Even if I upload an image which is *IDENTICAL* to original WordPress background for this theme (with nice corners etc.) it simply sinks a little bit down, revealing two more rounded corners, and then it looks ulgy. The problem is in CSS stylesheet file, which contains two header definitions as soon as you upload your custom header, and that’s something that I can’t do anything about. WordPress doesn’t let me change the CSS, unless I pay $$$. And I’m not giving them a penny on general principles. I’m rather gonna pay some professional hosting provider giving me possibility to upload my own theme, rather than just customize an ugly default one. And in long run, I hope I will do just that, move this blog to its own domain, but its a long shot.

  4. Tatjana Pecek

    Hi Vjeko,

    I like the new look a lot and I very much like the title “everything you wanted to know about Microsoft Dynamics NAV” because this place is exactly that 😉



  5. Vjeko

    Thanks for comments, I am glad you like both the new look and content. But let’s be honest, this blog is still growing, and what tagline suggests is what I want this blog to become. So, let’s wait, and see whether it really gets there.

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