Alive and kicking

Whoa, this has been a looooong pause. If you come across some presentation, rhetoric or speach theory, most of them agree on an idea that it’s not the words that make a speach a of art, but the pauses. If the same applies to blogging, I must be quite an artist.

Last time I was here, sometime during the previous geologic era, I said that not much is going to change with this blog. How young and stupid must I have been to say such a thing, because since then everything changed. For starters, I stopped blogging. Not a big deal, if you take into account the number of people hanging around over here. But here’s the real catch and the true change to this blog. The number of people reading it increased at an infinite rate: from zero, to one. It took me almost two months to notice it, allright, but nevertheless, I hope I am not going to turn this single reader down.

 That’s it, this was just a short note, before I get to writing the next post. A real one. Just about now.


Vjeko has been writing code for living since 1995, and he has shared his knowledge and experience in presentations, articles, blogs, and elsewhere since 2002. Hopelessly curious, passionate about technology, avid language learner no matter human or computer.

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