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Technically it was yesterday, September 1st, but in practice it will be tomorrow, September 3rd, because it is a Monday. Tomorrow I start at my new position at a new company. The position is Consultant, and company is Microsoft. Quite a change for me.

This change was pending for a while, and tomorrow it comes to completion. I was never this excited about a new job, and this is my fifth new job in my career. And I never felt this much responsibility. And this much challenge.

In my last job, I practically started as a total beginner, but thanks to great people who I worked with and who mentored me, I was able to quickly advance. But you never get to know where you really stand if you only play football in your own village. You need to go and play with the very best, then you can know for sure. Hic Rhodus, hic salta!

How will this change influence this blog? Well, to be honest, I expect to be more conservative in commenting on the Microsoft Dynamics, and I will probably have to make extra effort to make sure I am not disclosing anything confidential. On the other hand, since I will be at the source of information, as soon as something becomes publicly available, I will be able to be the first to blog about it. That’s kind of cool.

But there is something I really hope will happen to this blog. I really hope somebody other than me will come here, read a post, leave a comment… Come on, people, if I knew it was this hopeless, I would have reconsidered it thrice before starting this whole thing.

Ok, it’s mostly my fault, so far I kept this blog strictly secret. No one, I mean really no one, not even my wife, knew about it. Ok, my wife knew that I started a blog, but she didn’t know where exactly. I wanted to see whether it can happen that somebody simply stumbles upon a blog out of a blue. No it can’t.

But I’ll wait a little more, just for the sheer suspense of checking the statistics every time I return.


Vjeko has been writing code for living since 1995, and he has shared his knowledge and experience in presentations, articles, blogs, and elsewhere since 2002. Hopelessly curious, passionate about technology, avid language learner no matter human or computer.

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  1. Tatjana Pecek

    Hi Vjeko,

    Off course it is not hopeless, and it has happened just like that, I simply stumbled on this blog and I like it a lot. I was looking for smt about AX in Croatia and I suddenly found this. Please, don’t stop writing, I find this blog as a source of information hard to find anywhere else and it is from person who has a lot of experience and I like it …
    Well, I guess it would be nice to introduce myself, I’ve been NAV consultant for little more than two years now and as you wrote that NAV changed yours life, it changed my life too, still there are many things and aims to achieve but I am always ready for challenge, actually I wish that there are more challenges in our small country, but there is always possibility of making challenges and opportunities on my own, and that is smt I look forward the most.
    The interesting thing in here is that we actually met this summer on Croatian NAV Academy in Varazdin, I was teacher for Finance if you remember. Small world, I guess …

    However, for the beginning, I just wont to introduce myself and if possible, make you to write even more because I really like this blog idea and I really wish to hear more from someone experienced like you, and I will be a regular visitor from now on … I promise…
    And I hope you enjoy your new Microsoft job, and I wish you write about it even more …



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