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Hello there! I could as well start with “Hello there, myself!”, but that’s a charm of blogging – you do it regardless of whether there is anyone else reading this stuff. I’ve read somewhere that most blogs have exactly one regular reader – the blogger himself. So far, this is the situation with my blog, and I don’t really mind if it stays that way for the time being.

Ok, I’ll get to the point. There is a change in my career path on the horizon. Nothing really radical, because I am staying in the same business, I am continuing to work with the Microsoft Dynamics NAV, but my work might be a little bit different. To be totally honest, this was on the horizon for quite a while, but there have been some, err, circumstances, and I wasn’t really sure whether it will be go, or no go. Now it is 99% go, but yet I don’t feel comfortable to blurt it out all at once. Suspense is the key…

Anyway, I didn’t say much about myself so far, except that I am working something with Microsoft Dynamics NAV. I live in Croatia, a country most of people have either never heard of, or have heared of, but don’t know where and when exactly. I work at a Microsoft partner company specializing in implementation of Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution, currently at the position of project manager, but have worked at several other positions in the past, including consultant, business analyst and software architect.

My background, at least professional, is totally technical. I have started my career eight years ago as a programmer at a small local non-IT company for which I have been writing application for in-house use, including accounting, inventory, cost calculations, call-register, and other more esotheric industry specific applications. After two years there, I moved to a small web studio, specializing in web applications on ASP technology, where I worked as a developer for exactly a month. Then I got an offer too good to be true for a guy of my experience, from a Swiss company starting up a local office in Croatia. I held a position of lead developer there for almost two years, when I got in touch with Navision and decided to move on.

Now, after four years, I am moving on again. Wish me luck.


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