Here you can find more information about my trainings and webinars as well as sign up for upcoming ones.

Upcoming webinars

May 17-18: CI/CD from AL developer’s shoes

This webinar was originally announced for March 29-29, but there was a conflict with two other webinars (one from Waldo, and one from AJ), so I had to postpone it. This is a two-session webinar, each session around 75 minutes. It focuses on best development practices that boost continuous integration and continuous delivery.

The price for this webinar is 250€.

June 14-15: Git branching models and strategies

This is the second time I deliver this webinar. The first time was a huge success, and I’ve started receiving inquiries for a repeat session, so here we go. It’s a two-session webinar, both sessions around 75 minutes. This webinar explains the typical operations with branches in Git, how to integrate them (merging, rebasing, squashing, …) and confronts two very popular branching models – Git Flow and Release Flow – and compares them side-by-side.

The price for this webinar is 250€.

September-October 2021: Leveraging Git

The first training was a success, and a lot of people asked me if I would repeat it. This webinar has three 90-minute sessions, and it covers the inside of Git, explains most common operations, and introduces some advanced topics that can boost development productivity.

The price for this webinar is 325€.