Van Vugt’s dynamiXs

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A year ago I used to run a monthly roundup of NAV blogs and give you a short gist of who said what. Then I got lazy and stopped blogging on the weekly basis, and boy what a mistake I did – because some nice new blogs appeared in the meantime. I am somewhat ashamed that I learned about this blog only recently, but there is a gem out there you shouldn’t miss: Van Vugt’s dynamiXs.


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NAV blogosphere in April

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April. There is definitely something upside down with this month. I’ve started it with a somewhat ambitious decision to blog a post a day. And it worked. Kind of. For the first eight days, anyway.

And then it happened. Suddenly I’ve found myself blogging only occasionally, practically chasing my promise to deliver a blog post twice a week. And boy did it feel like delivery, every single time. At first I thought it was about me, but it seems it wasn’t. All of NAV blogosphere was dormant in April.


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Last month in NAV blogs

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Spring has come. You can tell it. Okay, to be totally honest, nature and weather, at least over here at my place, haven’t done their part (yet), but NAV blogs have for sure made up for that. A lot of dormant blogs have awaken, some have erupted, and there were a lot of good stuff to read from my fellow NAV bloggers in March 2009.


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What did NAV bloggers say in February?

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image Microsoft Dynamics NAV blogosphere wasn’t particularly active in February. Trust me, I don’t blame anyone for it. February is a slow month.

Economy is down, forests are burning in Australia, planes are crashing in Netherlands. Whatever the reason, NAV bloggers weren’t as active in February, as they were in January.

Still, there were some noteworthy posts, that I’d rather bookmark for the posterity, and if you missed some of them, here is your chance to catch up.


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What did NAV bloggers blog in January?

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When I started blogging just short of two years ago, there weren’t too many NAV blogs. I don’t bother to go do the count, but I figure there was no more than ten of them. Then it exploded: today, there are about forty.

Keeping track of forty RSS feeds has become a complete nightmare for me, so I decided I’d keep a monthly digest of the most valuable blog posts in the NAV blogosphere, as a reference I can refer back to, later on. If you find it useful as well, even better.


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