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A year ago I used to run a monthly roundup of NAV blogs and give you a short gist of who said what. Then I got lazy and stopped blogging on the weekly basis, and boy what a mistake I did – because some nice new blogs appeared in the meantime. I am somewhat ashamed that I learned about this blog only recently, but there is a gem out there you shouldn’t miss: Van Vugt’s dynamiXs.

The blog is maintained by Luc Van Vugt, a guy from Microsoft’s NAV testing team, who is trying to look at NAV from a different perspective – the tester’s. He has been posting his ideas, tips & tricks and thoughts since November last year, and so far has produced more than 30 articles. There were some nice tricks there, and no matter what your level of experience with NAV is, you’ll find something there that will make you go “wow, can you really do that?”. One of my favorites was definitely this one: (don’t ask me how I used to do this stuff, but it involved Excel and some serious copy&paste :))

What I really like about Luc’s posts is that he really likes to dive deep into the why part of any topic he writes about, so it will not only teach you what you can do, but also why it works the way it does.

Luc, you have a nice blog there, just keep the content coming! Great job!


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  1. Luc van Vugt

    🙂 Thanx for presenting me Vjekoslav.
    BTW: Unfortunately I had to leave the test team last summer and am now operating at a Dutch NAV partner which I am enjoying very much.

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