Ready, steady, what?

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Microsoft Dynamics NAV is soon to grow a generation older, when version 2009 is finally released. I already wrote about this version, and how it will come with all-new user interface, referred to as RoleTailored client. The best way to describe the changes in the interface in everyday terms, is that it is going through liposuction. The fat client we were so used to use is getting thinner. Not as thin as it gets, certainly not anorexic, but thin enough to introduce certain significant changes.

The biggest change is that, for the first time ever, the new client is not going to be an exclusive Microsoft Dynamics NAV client. The customers will be able to use the client both as a C/SIDE (good old fat) client, and new RoleTailored client. The and in the previous sentence is not really an and, and there is a big opportunity to really misunderstand the plans and strategy, and a huge opportunity (or better threat) to totally mess up the system during a 2009 roll-out. Let me explain.


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WinDays 2008: Aftermath

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WinDays 2008 are over. Somehow, this conference has become a milestone, in Croatian ICT community, in Microsoft community, even in my life. I met a friend there, one of those I only meet there, and realized just how quickly the year turned. Obviously, I contemplated too much, and partied too little, something to really get worried about.

Anyway, the presentations I delivered made me think about the future of this blog. It started pretty randomly, as a place where I simply dumped anything that crossed my mind, so you had all sorts of content, from programming, to development, to functionality, to theory. When I look at my blog to-do list, there is even more chaos to it, with topics ranging from SQL optimization all the way to business process reengineering. I realized I need more focus. (more…)

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Microsoft WinDays 2008

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No, it is not a new piece of software; although I admit that to anyone not knowing exactly what it is it might just seem so. Microsoft WinDays is the largest and most important business and technology conference in Croatia (and the region), traditionally organized in Opatija in the last week of April. This year it is taking place from April 22 to 25, with a pre-conference day on April 21. Last year it gathered over 1,900 attendees from Croatia and neighboring countries, and this year it is expected to even surpass this number. During the conference the attendees will have an opportunity to visit 160+ presentations covering 28 different topics, 9 pre-conference seminars, plus enjoy themselves and mingle about the evening parties, or simply enjoy the mild weather, sea and fresh air.


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Inventory method UFO :-)

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Sorry for this series of totally irrelevant posts, by now you must be thinking that I am either out of ideas, or totally uninterested about the future of this blog. Neither is true, I am actually spending practically all of my time preparing for ten hours of content I have to deliver at a conference next week, and about which I hope I will post a blog in its own right.


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