Inventory method UFO :-)

Sorry for this series of totally irrelevant posts, by now you must be thinking that I am either out of ideas, or totally uninterested about the future of this blog. Neither is true, I am actually spending practically all of my time preparing for ten hours of content I have to deliver at a conference next week, and about which I hope I will post a blog in its own right.

Ocasionally, when my focus drifts away, I spend time watching the statistics of my blog, and when I do so, I usually take a glipse at the search terms that got people to this blog. You wouldn’t believe what kind of searches bring traffic to me, but a minute ago I almost laughed my socks off when I noticed these two searches:

  • ufo inventory method
  • ufo- inventory valuation method

Believe it or not, these two gems actually brought five visitors here today. I have no way of telling whether these five are distinct five visitors (I somehow seriously doubt it), or it is just a coincidence, but no matter what the real truth behind this is, I feel an obligation to really explain this mysterious and arcane costing method most accountants have probably never heared of.

So, for all of you who really wondered, there is no such inventory valuation method as UFO. Now, I understand that I must have caused some bedazzled looks or confused scratchings of heads out there, but I thought that when I gave one of my previous posts the title “Elementary Costing 3: LIFO, FIFO, UFO…” that most people would figure out the last one is there just because of stylistic reasons. Only.

So, sorry if I mislead you, I promise I will do it again.


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  1. Ian

    Ahhh statistics, statistics. Do you use Google Analytics by the way Vjeko?

    An amazing (free) tool. But all too easy to spend/waste hours pouring over the stats. Think I’m going to try and limit myself to once a week 🙂

    lol @ the UFO search terms.

  2. Vjeko

    Ian: No, unfortunately, I can’t use Google Statistics, because WordPress doesn’t let me do so. I can only depend on their statistics, and so far they haven’t been covering the feed reads (or it seems to to me). Therefore I decided to move feed to feedburner. Also, I am going to move this blog to its own domain, probably within a month or so, so feedburner will make the change transparrent to the feed subscribers.

    And yes, UFO is funny 🙂

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