Microsoft WinDays 2008

No, it is not a new piece of software; although I admit that to anyone not knowing exactly what it is it might just seem so. Microsoft WinDays is the largest and most important business and technology conference in Croatia (and the region), traditionally organized in Opatija in the last week of April. This year it is taking place from April 22 to 25, with a pre-conference day on April 21. Last year it gathered over 1,900 attendees from Croatia and neighboring countries, and this year it is expected to even surpass this number. During the conference the attendees will have an opportunity to visit 160+ presentations covering 28 different topics, 9 pre-conference seminars, plus enjoy themselves and mingle about the evening parties, or simply enjoy the mild weather, sea and fresh air.

Anyone of you who will attend this conference, and I know there is quite a bunch of you, I invite you to attend some of my presentations. I have been a regular speaker at this conference for the past six years, and this year I will deliver the following presentations:

  • What’s New in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0: For all of you not from Croatia, this one might seem like year-old breaking news. Well, in this insignificant part of world, this year it really is breaking news, because in a few months, Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0 will finally be localized for Croatian market. Initially it was planned to skip us for this release (last time it happened with 3.70), but since NAV 2009 release date was pushed forward, the decision was overruled in favor of all of smaller countries which will now have chance to enjoy Office XML integration, way better inventory costing, out-of-the box purchase and sales workflows and many other more or less significant new features. If you want to attend this one, make sure to leave the Tuesday evening party early, and get to Hotel Grand, Mimoza room, Wednesday early, at 9:00 AM sharp.
  • Am I too big for Microsoft Dynamics NAV?: Now this one is my favorite, and I can’t wait to deliver it next Wednesday at 12:30 PM, also at Hotel Grand, Mimoza room. The lunch won’t start any earlier, there is no need to hurry, so do yourself a favor and come listen to me try debunking some prevailing myths about Microsoft Dynamics NAV, such as it being a solution exclusively for small companies. I will reveal no more at this point, but all of you who have already attended my presentations, trainings and speeches, get ready for something completely different. If this presentation doesn’t change the way you perceive Microsoft Dynamics NAV, then I’ll quit my job and go grow prunes in Madagascar.

I am also delivering a full-day pre-conference training on Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step, but there is no point inviting you to this one, because if you haven’t registered for it already, I’m afraid you won’t be able to attend it.

So, don’t miss this year’s WinDays, and see you in Opatija!

P.S. This conference is the main culprit in causing this blog to stall in relevant content. It simply consumes all of my spare time. This might change somewhat during the next week, but I expect to fully recover from pre-delivery anxiety and post-delivery beer only the week after the conference, so until then I really promiss nothing.


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