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Inside Git: Branches

It has again been a while since I blogged – or video-blogged for that matter. I won’t offer any excuses – I’ve been very busy over the past month. I delivered two public webinars, both of which were fully booked and ended up very successful. The first one was Leveraging Git, and it was the first public redelivery since January. The second one was CI/CD from AL Developer’s Shoes, and this was the first iteration of this one that practically consumed all free time I had. That one is to blame for me not blogging or broadcasting for more than four weeks.

Cool, now that I am done with the excuses, it’s time to move on. Today I’ve finally had time to go live again with a new episode of Since I am so busy with Git these days (and webinars are only a part of my being busy with Git, in fact), I’ve decided to deliver another short “inside Git” session. This time it was branches, and I went into what branches actually are in Git, how Git stores them, what happens when you create a branch, check out a branch, or delete a branch.

If you missed the live broadcast at 4PM today, you can follow it at your own convenience here:

If you want to learn more about branches, don’t miss my next public webinar in two weeks: Git Branching Models and Strategies.

See you in the cloud!


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