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Webinar: Git branching models and strategies

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A few days ago I’ve announced that there will be a new series of webinars. The last webinar was a success. Apart from a few people complaining that I talked fast, and that there was too much content, I got pretty good comments. People felt quite happy with the content and that the value they received was worth the money they invested.

One thing I’ve learned was that you want to learn more about various branching models and strategies. One thing is talking about Git from the technical angle – that’s what the last webinar was about; this time I am focusing on the strategy, how to make Git work inside your organization and how to organize your repository and workflow.

First things first, here’s the link if you want to learn more about it:

Why this topic?

The discussion during the last webinar told me that people want to know more about less technical aspects of Git. When I asked in the post-webinar poll about what other topics to cover in the future, the most of participants wanted to hear more about branching models and strategies. So, it wasn’t really a brainer for me.

Plus, it’s a really interesting topic that directly affects all of us on so many levels. Our productivity often correlates with our Git workflows, and our Git workflows deeply affect our daily work.

Will “Leveraging Git” be repeated?

Yes. I will repeat the Leveraging Git webinar in April. I will cut a bit on the contents on the first day, and then drop a few demos on the third day, and I will rethink the “practice” part. I won’t be pretending we do practices together, and I’ll focus on the presentation part. However, I will deliver some hands-on materials for you to practice on your own time.

So, this year, to compensate for the lack of conferences and classroom trainings and workshops, I’ll be doing a lot of webinars.

I hope to see you there, at one of them!


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