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Webinar: CI/CD from AL developer’s shoes

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I am postponing this webinar! It appears that it coincides directly with a webinar held by Arend-Jan Kauffmann, so I’ll announce different dates for this one soon.

This webinar is moved to May, please check the sidebar.

After two very successful webinars about Git internals and Git branching models and strategies, I am now announcing the next one, titled CI/CD from AL developer’s shoes.

When talking about CI/CD, one word typically pops to mind: pipelines. But pipelines is just one aspect of this much wider and bigger topic. Let me just say this: Continuous integration was conceived a long time before anyone was thinking of pipelines. Continuous integration and delivery are sets of practices, a philosophy if you want, that must go through into every pore of the development process before pipelines can make much sense.

And while previous two webinars were almost agnostic of AL, and were presenting Git and related processes from nearly a pure Git perspective, this webinar has AL in central focus, and presents this important topic from the angle of an AL developer.

If you want to learn more about the webinar, and sign up for it, follow this link:

Why this topic?

While preparing the Git branching and strategies webinar it became increasing obvious to me that one cannot truly discuss branching models without having continuous integration and delivery in mind, and here I am talking not about pipelines and the infrastructure aspect of it, but rather the daily development work aspect.

So, instead of cramming too much content into one webinar, I’ve decided to have two of them: one that focuses on branching (and maybe it still had a tad too much of CI/CD in it, admittedly), and one that focuses entirely on CI/CD.

On top of it, it’s an unimaginably important topic, because a lot of companies these days believe they do continuous integration and continuous delivery simply because they have a pipeline or two in their DevOps. In reality, CI/CD is far less about pipelines, and far more about the processes that must be in place for pipelines to even start making sense. And this is what this webinar is about.

Will the Git webinars be repeated?

Yes. I will repeat both those webinars. There is a lot of interest for me to repeat them, and I will repeat them in April and May. Stay tuned.

I hope to see you there, at one of them!


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