Migrating Control Add-ins from C/SIDE to AL

Thanks to everyone who watched my live stream today! The audience wasn’t big, but it’s a very narrow topic, not of broad interest. Still, I am glad I got a few interesting questions that actually introduced my future topics quite nicely.

You can find the recording here:

As promised, I have published the GetImageResource.js file on my GitHub. You can find it here:


(There you can also find some usage notes and explanation why you may want to use that file in your control add-ins)

Once again – thanks, and see you next week in a topic that should draw a lot more audience: AL interfaces!


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  1. stony

    Hello,would it be possible to get the source code from both solutions. And thank you very much for the presentation.

    Thank you very much

    1. Vjeko

      I will try to upload it to GitHub at some point in the next few days.

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