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Business Central AI Demos and Hands-ons

Those of you who know me, know that a big part of what I do is delivering talks at conferences. Talks, workshops, demos, that kind of stuff. More often than not, quite a lot of time goes into preparation of demos and labs, and also more often than not, the stuff that I prepare just remains in the digital piles of my Dropbox, and fades into oblivion.

For three events this year (two Red Carpet events, and one Directions event) I’ve had a chance to prepare some demos and hands-ons around AI and Business Central, covering both what comes out of the box, and custom integration with things that are not a part of the standard.

Today, my MVP friend Dmitry Katson asked me if I could share with him the hands-ons I prepared. And so I thought – why not just share it with everyone? So, here it goes:

I’ve put all of the stuff I prepared in this GitHub repo, so if you want to play around with this a little bit, you’re welcome.

Probably the most important stuff there is the hands-on exercises (you’ll have them both in PDF and Word format) with (if my memory serves me well) more than 100 of pages of hands-on stuff, that took me quite a while to prepare, test, and write up. Some of it is not up-to-date, because the Azure tools used to manage that stuff changes daily, but you should be able to complete most of those exercises without any issues.

There. Done. I hope you can find any use of this. If not, just yell at me here and tell me how useless I’ve become

See you soon at Directions and TechDays!


5 thoughts on “Business Central AI Demos and Hands-ons”

  1. Hi Vjeko!

    I joined your presentation on the Directions and your LUIS powered “Tell me more” … a feature I would really like to show inhouse!

    The Repo is not the “latest version” of it, is it?
    Would be nice if you could share that one as well 🙂 Maybe also some words on how you initialized luis?

    That would be awesome!

    1. Ah, the blog monster ate me up again 😀 Sorry, I had no time to blog about this, but I do plan to blog out all my demos from this year, LUIS included. Stay tuned, it may come soon.

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