Invoking Azure Functions from AL recording available

The “Invoking Azure Functions from AL using Visual Studio Code” webinar is over, and it was a pleasure delivering it for you, folks. There were 350+ people registered for it, and over 200+ people attended it. With those kinds of stats, who wouldn’t want to deliver more of these?

So, I can promise to prepare a couple of more Azure Functions from AL seminars, covering different kinds of topics, including handling binary data, XML, advanced JSON, and similar. Stay tuned.

In the meanwhile, if you didn’t have a chance to watch the session today in prime time, you can access it on YouTube:

Thanks to Mark and folks at NAV-Skills and Liberty Grove for making this possible.


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  1. Peter Tijsma

    Thanks for an excellent webinar Viejo!
    Thumbs up 👍

    1. Peter Tijsma

      Damn this autocorrect on the phone…
      Of course should be Vjeko!

      1. Vjeko

        It is fine, you haven’t written anything wrong. Viejo = old (in Spanish) 🙂 That’s how I explain how to pronounce my name to all Spanish-speaking people 🙂

        Thanks, anyway 🙂

        1. Peter Tijsma

          And of course, you know I now can’t wait until TechDays 😜 Just struggling where to find the time to play with it besides all the other new stuff like Docker with Freddy 🤔

  2. Krisje

    Thanks again for a wonderfull, inspiring session Vjeko, looking forward on the next one !!!

    1. Vjeko

      Thanks! 🙂 Glad that you liked it.

  3. Jesus Almaraz Martín

    Very good session, thank you very much!!

    If you take again the subject again about this I would want to know more about the meaning of other scenarios (BlobTrigger, EventHubTrigger , Generic webhook, ServiceBusQueueTrigger and more).

    Other interesting subject to learn more is dependencies (NuGet and NPM).

    1. Vjeko

      Thanks! I will try to cover all those topics next time, but it may still be too many for a single session.

    2. Jakub Vanak

      If you are interested in using NuGet directly in NAV you can try this:

      I use it to point to the standar public repos as well as to access our internal repository.

      It allows you also install on both sides (server and client).

  4. Jesus Almaraz Martín

    Excuse the confusing message, I can´t modify it.

    I only mean, congrats for then seminar, and if you take this again I want to know more about dependencies and the meaning of other Azure functions templates (BlobTrigger, EventHubTrigger , Generic webhook, ServiceBusQueueTrigger and more).

  5. Bernat Real

    Very interesting webinar !!!
    Thank’s so much

    1. Vjeko

      Thanks a lot!

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