How Do I: Win the World with Managed Service

Over the past month or so I was very busy with the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Managed Service for Partners. One part was in line of my work, where we were busy around the clock bringing our solution to Managed Service. The other part was creating a handful of videos for Microsoft to promote Managed Service.

Both were quite a ride, and now I have to show for some results.

First, here’s the four of the five videos:

These four, together with the fifth one (that I will update here once gets published over the following couple of days) are the “getting started” videos that show you how to start with most important tasks, such as setting up your application version, how to begin using the Management Portal Web Service API, and then how to take it to the next level by creating user interface for provisioning new prospects.

Two of the videos above, as well as the fifth video which is coming up, refers to a GitHub repository. Read about it in my next post.

To quote myself: “I hope you enjoyed these videos. Thanks for watching!”


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