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A couple of weeks ago, a new page was created on PartnerSource – the “Demo Microsoft Dynamics NAV” page. You can access it at

The page contains (at the time) two scripts and two How Do I videos that help you establish a demo NAV 2015 environment on Azure, in Office 365. The whole process is highly automated and you can get up and running in a matter of minutes. When I say “up an running” I mean this: having a virtual machine running on Azure, with NAV 2015 accessible through Windows, Web, and Tablet client, with single sign-on to Office 365, and a nice demo SharePoint Online portal with several reports from NAV.

If you haven’t yet – give it a try.


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  1. RAUL

    Hi!… Do you know if there is a link to download it for End Customers?

  2. sarahbent


    Thanks a lot for all your articles. My company is about to upgrade from Navision 2009 to Navision 2015, so i was wondering is it possible to put on the same virtual machine: Sql server 2012 + Nav application 2015 + Web services Nav 2015 ?

  3. gertjanbierkens

    First of all, thank you for your effort.
    This first tutorial didn’t cause me any problem, but during the installation of Office 365 i get several errors.

    For instance:

    Do you have any suggestions on what I did wrong?

    1. Vjeko

      Sorry, I don’t have any idea what’s wrong. Can you try to repeat this with the latest version of the virtual machine image? Also – do you receive the same error when you run it in English?

      1. gertjanbierkens

        I tried it with a W1 database and English language. Result is the same. I suspect that it has something the do with my Office365 account. The first error occurs when the application is uploaded. (or it isn’t uploaded at all)

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