My new career path – independent consultant

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It’s official now, and it’s time I announce it here: after two years at Microsoft I’ve decided to take the helm of my career and venture into the realm of independent consulting. Two days into it, and all I can say about it is: what have I been waiting for this long?

While at Microsoft, I had a chance to work on some very exciting projects, I was sitting at the source of information, and the thrill of being able to know about all the news and developments before anyone else is priceless.

But the thrill of being able to work on my own, to pick my own projects, to take on completely new challenges, was even more priceless.


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ERP and Business Processes: a new book

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imageThere is a new book available about ERP business practices. It is titled “ERP and business processes” and is written by Hans van der Hoeven, MSc, a senior lecturer in ERP, Business Management and Accounting at Avans University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands.

The book is targeted primarily at business and management students and managers running ERP projects, and explains what ERP business processes are about, rather than focusing on technical issues or specific products.


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Sure Step available to all partners

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Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step Methodology Today at Worldwide Partner Conference in New Orleans, during his keynote speech, Doug Kennedy, Vice President Dynamics Partner Team, announced the availability of Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step to all Microsoft Dynamics partners.

So far, Sure Step has only been available to partners enrolled in a service plan, which was a big obstacle to smaller or new partner companies who saw investment in a service plan as a significant expenditure.


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I’m back

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It hit me hard today when I realized how long it has been since I last wrote something here. More than a month since my last post, slightly more since…

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Discreet and process manufacturing difference

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When implementing NAV in manufacturing companies, I’ve sometimes heard complaints that the type of manufacturing supported in NAV doesn’t fit the customer needs.

And sometimes that’s completely true. NAV supports discreet manufacturing, and it handles it pretty well. But the things do get bumpy when you venture into process manufacturing world.

Sometimes customers or even consultants don’t really understand why this happens. It’s simple: there is a big difference between process and discreet manufacturing, and to successfully implement NAV in these two fundamentally different environments you need to understand and appreciate these differences.


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