Do you need contingency reserve?

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If projects were completely predictable, there would be no need for risk management. Everything could be planned and executed according to plan. However, we know better. Unexpected things happen, disrupt the original plans and cause time and cost overruns. In IT projects, these overruns are far too common to be ignored.


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My WinDays9 presentation online

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WinDays9 is over, thank you all who attended my presentation “What’s new in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009”. I hope it was worth your time. For all you lucky ones, I…

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Panorama ERP diagnostic and Assessment

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Panorama Consulting Group, the authors of the ERP report, have just made available two interesting tools: ERP Quick Diagnostic, and ERP Readiness Assessment. According to their website, if you are…

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WinDays9: see you in Opatija next week!

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imageOften you don’t even notice how quickly time goes by, except for a few milestones, which happen once a year and remind you that another one’s over.

WinDays conference is one of such milestones, and I’ve barely published a handful of posts here since the last time it was the most discussed topic in Croatian IT community. So, an incredibly short year later, here’s another one: WinDays9.


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Panorama’s ERP report, part III

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image I’ve just got the news about Part III of Panorama’s ERP Report in my inbox. If you missed my analysis of the report, please read it first: part three builds on findings of the first two. I know that I am biased when writing about this, but how can I not be? Microsoft Dynamics is the best choice ERP and the report (as a whole) clearly shows why exactly.


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