Interview: Zoran Šegić, MBS Lead, Croatia

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Zoran Šegić, MBS Lead, Microsoft CroatiaUsually I do not write about local Croatian affairs, but this particular occasion and this particular topic deserve an exception.

As a part of Microsoft Dynamics promotion campaign in Croatia, Zoran Šegić, Microsoft Business Solution Lead in Microsoft’s Croatian subsidiary, has given an interview for eBizMags, a Croatian e-business blog/portal.

In his interview Zoran explains what MBS is all about, presents the two Microsoft Dynamics products available in Croatia (Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Dynamics CRM), analyzes the current economical downturn, its effects on Microsoft Dynamics business, and how Microsoft Dynamics can help companies overcome the crisis.

The interview then focuses on the aggressive growth that Microsoft Dynamics product and brand have experienced in the past two years in Croatia, in which time Microsoft has grown from a niche player into a second largest business solutions vendor in Croatia, according to analysts’ reports. Zoran explains the most influential growth factors and discussed ambitious and challenging, but realistic Microsoft’s plans in Croatia: to become ERP and CRM market leader.

The interview concludes with a list of most respectable Microsoft Dynamics customers in Croatia, as well as an overview of partner landscape.

If you are from Croatia (and there are 15.9% chances that you are, according to blog stats), you might want to read the whole interview at


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