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Safari Books Online logoYesterday, my and my friend Dave’s book Implementing Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 has been made available on Safari Books Online.

Safari Books Online is the world’s premier on-demand digital library for technology and business professionals, and it delivers the books in digital form on subscription basis from most renowned publishers, including O’Reilly, Prentice Hall, Addison-Wesley, Microsoft Press, Sams, Que, PACKT and many more.

So, even though it really makes sense to grab your own personal hardcopy, if you are already Safari Books Online subscriber you can go and read it right away—it’s the most cost-effective way for you to read it. Enjoy!


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  1. Prajwal


    I am a subscriber of Safari Tech Books but I am unable to find the book in the db as you mentioned. I do not see any of PACKT books there.

    Are you sure it is available there? BTW, I have purchased the book and I am waiting to receive it here in India. But it will take time and I need to refer it right away! 🙂

    Any way to access it?



    1. Vjekoslav Babic

      @Prajwal: The URL to the book on Safari is Please check if you can access it. If you can’t, it might be that your subscription doesn’t include it, in which case you should contact Safari’s support to see why it is so. About accessing the book before you receive it, I don’t know how you can do it, but the fastest way is to purchase an electronic copy which is then immediately available for download. I don’t know if you can do it on, but you surely can on PACKT’s site (just follow the links on this blog and you’ll get there). By the way, thanks for the purchase! I hope you enjoy the book!

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