Better late than never: NAV TechDays 2016 goodies

This year my work got a better of me. For five years in a row I have posted all my demos and materials from NAV TechDays sessions right after them. However, this year, I failed. And I apologize for this.

But, as the saying goes, good things come to those who wait, and here it is – all the materials from my “JavaScript Architecture: Turning Pain into Gain” session are here.

So, here are the direct download links:

If you missed the session, don’t despair. You can still watch it, courtesy of

Now, looking back at this colossal post, I wonder – why in the Earth did it take me so long to write this up. Once again – sorry for this.

And looking back at this blog now at the last day of 2016, I can say: next one will be better Smile

Happy New Year, and see you around!

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