Comparing .NET values

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When comparing .NET variables, including Enums, you cannot use C/AL comparison operators. To compare .NET variables, you must use the Equals method (of the System.Object type) that all .NET types implement…

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Automatically Confirm cmdlets

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Some NAV PowerShell cmdlets (such as Import-NAVApplicationObject) don’t have the -Force switch, and always ask for confirmation regardless of whether you include the -Confirm switch or not. To work around…

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Formatting for XML

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When you have to format C/AL variables (numbers, dates/times, booleans) for exchange with other apps, call FORMAT(variable,0,9) instead of simply FORMAT(variable). The format 9 formats the variable according to XML…

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Do you have a value, Mr. BLOB?

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To check if a BLOB field has a value, you call its HASVALUE function. For example: IF Item.Picture.HASVALUE THEN; In older versions, earlier than NAV 2009, you had to call…

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