Control Add-ins and Version Compatibility–Update

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Yesterday I posted a quick tip, which quickly got some comments about it being wrong. Since I know people who commented were unlikely to say something incorrect, I went to check on, because I myself experienced difficulties that made me write that post.

So, I analyzed to see who’s right and who’s wrong, or better yet – to see why different people might get different results.

Here’s the results.


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Strange errors in RoleTailored Client RDLC reports

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olddogWe old dogs really have to learn new tricks with RTC (RoleTailored Client), as I found out couple of days ago. A customer of mine asked me for a quick report. I don’t typically do reports, but I thought—“not a big deal, it’s just a report”—so I fixed it, tested it, made sure it worked, then deployed it to production.

And then I found out it was not just a report.

It just didn’t want to execute in production. Whatever I did I just got a strange error message, something I never saw before. Ever.


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