What’s New in NAV 2016: Record Type Improvements

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We all use records. And we all used to whine about records not supporting all the features we need. And they still don’t, but in Microsoft Dynamics NAV they support much more.

Some of the new features are well documented, some are somewhat documented. So here’s what I figured out so far is new about the Record data type.


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Some tips and hints about temporary tables

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MP900433071[1]Temporary tables in NAV are a great thing, and are frequently used, but there are some misconceptions about them. I see developers do the same mistakes time after time and again. In this post I’ll address some common misconceptions and give some tips and hints that you can use in practice.

There may be a lot of basics for you here, in which case just skip to the end: there I give you a nice tip about how to prevent accidental changes to physical tables when you expect that a table is temporary, and in fact it is not.


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