History of Microsoft Dynamics NAV

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This was a part of Chapter 1 in the first draft of my book Implementing Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009. It was cut to keep page count down and preserve the environment, but I figure that a few electrons pushed through the optical labyrinths of The Internet won’t hurt anyone, so here you get it, in its original form: The History of Microsoft Dynamics NAV.


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It has been a while since I was here, and I will not try to make any excuses. I could say that I have been busy (which would be true), and that I have a family that I love spending my time with (which would also be true), but true reason is the one you all know: I have been lazy.

Last time I promised to say a word or two about convergence once. Let me do it this once.


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I first heared about Navision five years ago, when I was working as a .NET developer on a web shop project. One of my tasks was to integrate the ordering functionality with customer’s existing system using the fixed format document exchange. At that time my whole world was object oriented, I used C# more than any other language, human or computer, and solution to any problem started with { and ended with }. Business logic was farthest I went in touching any business problem. Business was for businessmen, I was a programmer.


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