Is Microsoft About To Enter The EMR Playground?

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image Austin Merritt of Software Advice has posted an interesting analysis of a possibility of Microsoft entering the Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Electronic Health Records (EHR) market through acquiring a strong existing player.

Almost a decade ago, Microsoft has aggressively entered the ERP market through acquiring a series of ERP vendors, gaining a large customer base in practically all business and industry verticals—except medical.


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ERP Implementation Strategy Survey

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Houston Neal of Software Advice is running a survey about the ERP implementation strategies, with the goal of identifying the best one. The survey is very short, it will take…

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Decisions Spring 2010

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Decisions Spring 2010After successful Decisions NAV 2009 and Decisions AX 2009 virtual conferences, has went for it once again, this time expanding the conference to cover full range of Microsoft Dynamics products, and merging it into a single event.


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Sure Step 2010

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One of the drawbacks of being a freelancer is a slight risk to learn a bit late about anything new. Once upon a time, when I was still blogging actively, I made sure I was the first to blog about something new, as long as it relates to Sure Step. This time, the news came to me through two channels: through Microsoft Dynamics UK Blog and through Chandru Shankar’s post in SureStep PM Methodology group on LinkedIn.

So, I’m not going to reinvent the wheel, I’m just reposting the content from these two sources, but I’ll not miss to say that I am totally thrilled with this new release, and the new stuff it brings along.


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NAV Decisions 2009 is over, but not quite

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NAV Decisions 2009

Did you have a chance to attend the NAV Decisions 2009 virtual conference? If yes, how did you like the event? To me, this was a great experience. It wasn’t the first virtual conference I was a part of, but it most certainly was the best.

But if you didn’t have a chance or time to be there (virtually), you don’t have to worry. Even though the conference is over, the website and all the content will be available for three more months. So, until midnight of January 15, 2010, you can still visit the conference website, register and watch and listen to any of the presentations delivered.


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