Is Microsoft About To Enter The EMR Playground?

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image Austin Merritt of Software Advice has posted an interesting analysis of a possibility of Microsoft entering the Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Electronic Health Records (EHR) market through acquiring a strong existing player.

Almost a decade ago, Microsoft has aggressively entered the ERP market through acquiring a series of ERP vendors, gaining a large customer base in practically all business and industry verticals—except medical.

With new US legislation mandating the switch to EHR systems by the year 2015, the market for EMR/EHR solutions is booming, and even though (as far as I know) there are no similar plans in scope for European Union or other markets (except possibly Australia) there is not a slightest doubt that big players, possibly including Microsoft, will try to eat as big a slice of the growing cake as possible.

In his post Austin gives a list of strongest EMR/EHR vendors and solutions currently available on the market, comparing their most important traits that could influence Microsoft’s acquiring decision. He also analyzes why the two existing Microsoft healthcare products, Amalga and HealthVault, do not compete in this arena, and why Microsoft is more likely to invest into an existing solution, rather than developing their own.

Check Austin’s article here.


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