A look back: February 2009

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Another month is over, and in my recently established tradition, I’m taking a look back at the past month to give you an overview of developments around NavigateIntoSuccess.com.

This was both a great month, and a rough month for me. Rough, because I had terrible hosting issues, and great because in spite of that, you visited this blog regularly and engaged in discussions more than ever before. Thanks!

So, let’s take a short overview of what this blog did in February 2009.


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A look back: January 2009

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imageIs there a better way to start a week than coming to NavigateIntoSuccess.com to find a fresh new post about Microsoft Dynamics NAV or something of the sort?

Of course there is, come on.

And yet, to my surprise, Mondays seem to be the busiest days over here at NavigateIntoSuccess.com. I’ll take it you liked my new policy: a new post every Monday and every Thursday. Since it worked for both you and me, I’m going to keep it in place.

In January, I’ve introduced a lot of changes to this blog, and although I didn’t expect them to really work, you proved me wrong. So, let’s take a look back at this fantastic month.


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2008 in retrospect

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image I’ll end this year with a look back at this blog. Year 2008 has seen many trends on this blog—I was literally exploring the world of blogging. I had no focus in the beginning, but towards the end of this year you might have noticed a shift towards the world of Sure Step, methodology in general and topics of the sort. The trends I noticed have largely influenced this blog’s shape, and have definitely defined its future direction.


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Welcome to NavigateIntoSuccess.com

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This blog has moved to the new domain, but there are many more news to this blog than a mere domain name change. There will be a regular posting schedule, the blog will cover a more comprehensive range of topics, potentially interesting to a broader public, and over time a full Microsoft Dynamics NAV Functionality Catalog will be developed.

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