The “Life Hack” from today’s Session

And yes, I almost forgot… Somebody (sorry, I didn’t catch the name) asked me to put my life hack on the blog as well, so here it is. For all of you who were not there, I use this as a template for declaring .NET variables – until Microsoft provides means to declare them in a simpler ways. Inline, anyone?

So – download the life hack, or cheat sheet, here:

6 thoughts on “The “Life Hack” from today’s Session”

  1. Hi, the regular expressions you have included for e-mail addresses are not complete – they only search for top-level domains having 2 or 3 characters. Nowadays there are many tld’s with more characters, like .name , .info or .museum

    Very useful post – regardless!

    1. @Jan: yes, you are right. I agree this is not a comprehensive regular expression. The point of the functionality is not about which regex to use to match the e-mail address, but to explain what regex are and how to use them. Thanks for the comment, though!

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