A couple of months ago, when I asked my friends on Facebook and Twitter if anybody knows how to move a WordPress blog to another domain, everybody said that I was crazy. You don’t do these things, they said. And yet, when they heard the reason why I was about to leave my old domain, everybody agreed. has served me well. I moved my public WordPress website to this custom domain very early on. It has become a kind of a brand. But it is a pretty long name. You can easily mistype it. It’s difficult to remember it if you only occasionally stumble upon it. It doesn’t at all relate to me as a living person behind it. So I decided to move it all to a fresh new domain:

NAV community is a live and vibrant one, and through my blog, a book, and other activities, I’ve met a lot of great people who all simply know me as “Vjeko”. It’s short. It was unusual enough that I managed to snitch the .com domain fairly early. And even though for most people I met, at first my Slavic name proved to be scary, unmemorable, and utterly unpronounceable (especially for my American friends who all still twist their tongues around pronouncing the hard “j” instead of simply “y” as it should be done), I’m pretty sure that strongly coupling my blog with my personal moniker will prove to be a smart thing in the long run.

So – I welcome you to, my new domain, and I hope that I find enough time to transform the to-do list I accumulated while working on the new blog into actual posts soon. Stay tuned, and hey – tell me what you think about this move!

12 thoughts on “Retiring”

  1. Nicely done!

    I see you didn’t do any major restructuring, so those 301s were probably quite trivial. A bit of .htaccess magic and that’s it. Just don’t sell the domain anytime soon. Google might change the results to quickly, but changing manual links people have posted over the years is nearly impossible. If I was you, I’d keep that domain registered for at least a couple of years, or as long as you see relevant traffic coming through it to the new site.

    Regarding the reasons you’ve named for the move I agree. Previously NavigateIntoSuccess was its own brand, but now you’re making your personal brand and using this blog as a tool to achieve that. It might be a major tool, but you’re no longer limited to it. There was a good book on personal branding a few years ago – Crush It! by Gary Vaynerchuk if you’re interested.

    Anyway, good luck with the new domain 🙂

    1. Hi Goran! Thanks for the comment! I actually didn’t have to do any .htaccess magic, because my hoster handles 301 redirections from a very friendly user interface. I certainly won’t let die away or sell it or anything. It stays exactly where it is, configured as it is, to keep redirecting to forever and ever, until the end of days, or Internet, whichever comes first 😉

      1. Oh, cool. Which hoster is that, because if I see correctly you’ve switched from DreamHost to BlueHost.

        As for the “forever and ever”, I have a feeling the two events you mentioned might just coincide 🙂

        1. Goran, I’ve switched away from Dreamhost ages ago. I stayed at Bluehost withh the new domain, it hosted my old one pretty well…

  2. Vjeko : any security tips on WordPress to share ? I once uploaded a wordpress template on bluehost a few days later it was already hacked … Maybe my WP-Admin and FTP password were not strong enough …
    I did hear it’s wise to change Admin to something else …

    1. Tarek, one word only about WordPress security: akismet! I don’t have any problems with security, i am using akismet and I don’t know what exactly ight have happened to you. Sorry 🙁

  3. Despite being long I actually liked NavigateIntoSuccess because it meant something to NAV practionner :the obvious metaphor to the Navigate Document feature in NAV and also how Sure Step can help you Navigate into Sucessful NAV implementation 🙂

    Vjeko, I wish you to navigate into success under this new home 😉

    So Long.

    // Tarek

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