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DynamicsWorldIt’s the fourth year of DynamicsWorld’s Microsoft Dynamics Most Influential People Top 100 list, and it’s the nomination time. Last year I’ve somehow found my way onto this list (and I certainly didn’t nominate myself), and it seems somebody has nominated me this year too (and again, it wasn’t me).

Now, I don’t want to influence you to put me on this list in 2012 again, but if you think I deserve it, I’d appreciate if you took time and voted for me. You can do it by sending an e-mail to top100@dynamicsworld.co.uk, tweeting my name with #dwtop100 hash-tag, commenting on Facebook, or posting on LinkedIn. Or you can do all of the above Smile

Even though there is a lot of criticism of this list, it is still an indicator of person’s standing in the Dynamics community. I’ve heard people say “I don’t have a clue who this or that" is” on the list, but that’s hardly a valid argument. The list doesn’t differentiate between CRM or ERP, let alone between different flavors of ERP, so of course not everybody will know everybody, and I also don’t have a clue who half of the list is, but still I bet they deserved to get there.

So, show me your support for my blog and my work in the Dynamics community by voting for me! Thanks in advance!


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  1. Mark Brummel

    You can pick out the ones who put themselves on the list quite easily.

    I’ve also heard stories about managers asking their employees to vote.

    If you really know who influences the product and their names are still missing after all the years the list is hilarious.

    1. Vjekoslav Babic

      @Mark: When there are list such as this, there will be abuse – people will do whatever it takes to get there. The way I understand the list, it is about community influencers, not product influencers. That’s why this list should be about community, not about Microsoft people, and that’s why probably those “real influencers” are not in there – of course they influence the product, they are developing it. However, I still think the list is good, and getting better each year – there are a number of criteria for selection, and I at least half the list is legitimate.

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